Rights Enquiries

Janet Frame's literary estate is represented by an international literary agency:

The Wylie Agency.

Contact the literary agency for enquiries about:

  • Quotation permissions
  • Film and theatre adaptation
  • Public or radio performance
  • The right to set Janet Frame's work to music
  •  Inclusion of Janet Frame quotes in any art work
  • Foreign translation rights
  • Reproducing any of Janet Frame's written work

Follow the directions on the website www.wylieagency.com and provide all necessary details before sending in a request. Complying with the instructions will speed up the process considerably.

All major decisions concerning Janet Frame's rights and legacy are made by the Trustees.

Please check with us before proceeding with any adaptation or exploitation of Janet Frame's work because the rights are not always available and permission is not always given.

Please note that the Janet Frame Estate maintains strict control of the copyright of unpublished material and letters written by Janet Frame.

Contact the Wylie Agency

Contact the Janet Frame Literary Trust

Janet Frame Estate



The Janet Frame Literary Trust owns Janet Frame's copyright, oversees publishing and permissions, and administers the Janet Frame Literary Trust Awards. Recipients of the awards are selected in consultation with an advisory panel and applications are not invited.

The Inland Revenue Department has approved the Janet Frame Literary Trust as a donee charitable organisation and donations to the trust are tax deductible. But we do not seek donations.

If any fans of Janet Frame wish to make a financial tribute to her we would encourage you to support the Janet Frame House Trust in Oamaru that maintains Janet Frame's childhood home.

You will also honour Janet Frame by buying and reading her books and spreading the word! A comprehensive selection of her major titles is in print all around the world and available through good booksellers or as ebooks and audio books. See Books in Print.